Bricks in Cyprus

Chrysafis Ceramics has a long history of making bricks in Cyprus. Bricks are one of the oldest and most important construction materials because of their durability, reliability and strength.  Getting the right brick for the right job is an integral part of any building project. Many factors need to be taken into consideration such as size and strength.

Brick offers lasting value, it doesn't dent or need to be painted and it will never tear or be eaten by termites. Its modular units and variety of shapes have resulted in beautiful structures in just about every architectural style.

Research confirms that genuine clay brick provides superior shelter in three major categories: Fire Protection, High wind and Superior moisture control. Brick also absorbs noise, giving it an acoustic advantage over other materials and is especially helpful in densely populated areas.

Here at Chrysafis Ceramics, we are your best source for bricks in Cyprus. Our bricks are made of a combination of red and sandy clay that would look great with any building or structure. The clay gives them a very natural and elegant look that everyone will love. We have many different bricks of various sizes and designs.

The brick made up of fired and heated clay is said to be the most widely used building material all over the world. Bricks look better for far longer and with less maintenance than other building materials. That's why Chrysafis Ceramics has one of the most extensive ranges of bricks in Cyprus.