Building materials Cyprus

Clay brick is one of the oldest building materials in Cyprus used due to its durability, structural capacity, energy performance and environmental impacts. Chrysafis Ceramics offers you the best source of bricks in Cyprus. Our factory has the latest technology and state of the art equipment so that we continue to make the best quality brick that we possibly can.

Building a house with brick building materials from Cyprus will be more reliable and durable while the construction will also be beautiful and elegant. Bricks offer superior protection over other wall cladding materials such as fire protection, high wind protection and moisture control.  Another reason for its use is that the brick buildings are resistant to the affect of climate and does not deteriorate with the weather and time.

Bricks are naturally energy efficient and Chrysafis Ceramics bricks are excellent insulators of heat.  This means that during the summer months the home stays cool and in the winter the brick walls store your home's heat and radiates it back to you.

Customers who choose Chrysafis Ceramics bricks enjoy more advantages as compared to other building materials from Cyprus as they are natural, versatile, durable and of stable value. We are able to guarantee a product that gives pleasure over generations.